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The Alter System

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29-Month Financing

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Here’s everything you get:

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    Alter Smart Fitness Screen
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    Alter Signal Wearable Device
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    Alter Workouts and Work-ins
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    On-Demand Expert Coaching

From a state-of-the-art screen, to a biometric wearable, to customized workouts, the Alter System is your path to elevated fitness.

How do i get started?

Unpack your DNA
Step 1Unpack your DNA
Get the Alter System
Step 2Get the Alter System
Unlock your potential
Step 3Unlock your potential

The ability to purchase your Alter System will be available once your DNA test has been completed.

Life with Alter

The guesswork stops here. Your journey starts here. Alter delivers results with science-based fitness plans that fit your lifestyle.

See your progress in real-time, everyday in the Alter app.

Improve your body’s ability to lose weight more effectively by improving sleep and reducing stress.

Find what approach to nutrition works for you using DNA-backed insights. 

Stay active for the long haul with workouts tailored towards your body’s daily condition.

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Chart your own course towards a higher level of fitness and wellness.

What's included

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    Personalized, biometric-based workouts and recovery plans
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    DNA-based nutrition guidance
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    1:1 virtual training with expert coach, Mike Watts and his team
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    A vast library of workouts from expert trainers across disciplines from boxing to yoga 
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The more you sweat, the more you save

We'll waive your monthly membership fee when you complete your weekly Alter plan each month.

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Make every movement count.

Alter makes feeling good feel even better. Every rep, every lunge, and every stretch is designed to help you feel your best.


All Access Membership

Discover everything Alter has to offer.

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Train with confidence, tracking your progress on the Alter app.

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Rely on experts, get 1:1 coaching with renowned fitness trainers.

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Stay motivated with a wealth of Alter workouts across fitness disciplines.

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Enjoy daily personalized workouts designed just for your body’s needs. 

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100% Risk Free Guarantee

We think you’ll love Alter. But, if it’s not love at first sight, no problem. We’ll refund you 100%. 


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What’s included in the membership fee?

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