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How It Works
Swab it
Alter will send you a swab to register and add to your Alter profile.
Send it
After a simple oral cheek swab, send it back to Alter.
See the results
Alter will send your detailed report, unpacking a DNA-driven approach to fitness, wellness, and stress management.

Wake up At The Right Time

Early birds shouldn’t have a night owl’s schedule. Alter tells you what bed time is best for you.

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Your optimal time for workout is

Work out the way your body wants

Alter tells you what exercise mode is best based on your biometrics and your DNA.

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Your optimal exercise mode is

Managing your weight shouldn’t be a mystery

Alter helps you understand your genetic predisposition to gaining or losing weight.

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Weight Loss Tendency
Your genetic tendency for weight loss is
Below Average

Keep stress in check

Alter offers everything from high-intensity workouts to focused wellness sessions to help you take control of your stress every day.

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Stress Tolerance
Your genetic predisposition to stress tolerance is
Normal Tolerance
High Tolerance

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