Signal, Alter’s Biometric Device

Track sleep, manage stress, and monitor your activity.

Signal listens to your critical biometrics day and night to craft a comprehensive fitness and wellness plan tailored to you.

Three ways to wear

Track your heart
rate in real-time

Signal uses a medical-grade sensor to gauge the intensity of anything from your AlterSense™ workout, to your meditation session.

Monitor your training without bulky hardware

Signal gives you the freedom to focus on your workout, not what you’re wearing.

Signal is built for
the long haul.

With superior battery life and essential stats like sleep quality, sleep time, calories burned, and distance covered, you can track your progress all day long.

Battery Life

Sleep is the cornerstone of health

Signal delivers the data and details you need to understand your overall sleep quality, sleep stages, duration and sleep consistency.

Turn data into action with your Alter Readiness Score

Alter tracks your total sleep, deep sleep, resting heart rate and heart rate variability to give you a readiness score that helps you plan your next move and manage stress.

Your score tracks where your body is at the moment. Alter uses that score to recommend a harder AlterSense™ workout, or a recovery-focused work-in like a restorative yoga class or breathwork. 

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